Friday, January 22, 2010

$5 Favor Feedback

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Excerpt from Company Letter on February 23rd, 2009

Dear Employee:

I am writing to ask you a favor but before I do so I want to thank those of you who have taken the time to write or call me since my last letter. I am so proud to be the president of a company with so many good employees. Now the favor, enclosed please find a $5 bill. I would like to ask that you take this $5 bill and put it in the hands of someone other than yourself. You make the call. Take five minutes to decide or five days. What I would like for you to do is give it to someone who is in need. We know that our country is having a terrible time and we know its only $5 but if you give it to someone really in need it will go a long way. By doing so you will feel better and by doing so they will too.

We should all try to help and I hope this small token will help in some way. I am proud of you all and please keep up the good work.

Sincerely Yours,

Bob Watson

President & CEO

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