Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Veggie Van Runs on Biofuel

As part of its multi-faceted response to global warming and to protect our environment, Epicurean Feast client EMD Serono has retrofitted a van to run on biodiesel fuel. This van, dubbed the Veggie Van and painted a vibrant green, travels the streets to promote biodiesel fuel and other renewable energies.

The Veggie Van actually runs on vegetable oil.  The oil is collected from the café and is then converted into fuel. This fuel produces only about 20 percent of the pollutants of a normal diesel engine.
The Veggie Van provides educational outreach to children and people of all ages. Visitors step inside a mobile classroom where they can watch DVDs on global warming and pollution and find out about what alternative fuels can do for them, the environment and their pocketbooks. Epicurean Feast is working on a new initiative to have all of our used frying oil uitlized to create low polluting fuels.

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